Frolyc At A Glance

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What are teachers saying?

  • Mr. Jones

    "My students love the topics of the articles. They like the differentiation of videos and audio text. I find being able to select the students who can view which article is crucial."

  • Donna

    "I am enjoying using Frolyc and my students are engaged - which is big."

  • Kari

    "I am loving Frolyc website and app."

  • Dan

    " I enjoyed how easy it was to navigate through and create an activity. I love how they can be individually managed to students."

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Example Activities

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How are teachers using Frolyc?

  • Emily Kissner, a 4th Grade teacher, uses Frolyc to teach concepts around expository text structure.

    Click here to read about how you can address 21st century learning by bringing together multi-media content, critical thinking skills and Common Core Standards.

  • Donna Miller, a library teacher, uses Frolyc for reviewing important concepts from a book that her students read.

    Donna says "I use the app as an assessment tool in my classroom. I am a library teacher, and I think it is a great tool for reviewing important concepts from a story."

  • Melissa Vandermolen, a technology teacher, uses Frolyc for small group instruction and for personalizing high interest content to motivate students.

    Click here to read about how Melissa designed a simple vocabulary activity in a few minutes to address a Common Core Standard.

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